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Master Plan Economics
VCE brings decades of experience to identifying the economic reality and development potential of the many market segments that can fuel the development of a master plan. For public and private sector entities, VCE draws upon its unique understanding of real estate, planning, and economics and how they interrelate in the creation of successful master plans.

We advise developers and municipalities with large land holdings on how to most appropriately program and phase long-range master plans that involve unique real estate market conditions and diverse demographics. We also advise smaller clients on how to maximize holdings in the context of the community around them.

Whether plans call for single or varied uses such as residential, retail, office, hospitality, entertainment, and cultural venues, VCE provides clients with strategies that build communities that make sound economic sense.

Market & Feasibility Studies
VCE provides thorough research and analysis of markets and economic feasibility for public and private clients both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team of experts.

VCE analysts have experience preparing market and feasibility studies for mixed-use developments, housing, retail centers, recreational and cultural facilities, industrial space, as well as land use changes, downtown and corridor redevelopment, neighborhood economic development, attractions, museums, and zoos. VCE research and forecasts are based on realistic premises and the unique characteristics of the specific locale and market area. The expertise of VCE’s analysts ensures an exceptional level of quality.

Financial Modeling
VCE builds financial and operational models for decision-makers that provide insight, take a variety of scenarios into consideration, and help decision-makers judge the financial feasibility of business opportunities.

VCE’s models focus on capturing critical economic relationships and are built from the bottom up to address dynamics specific to a project or industry. For example, models include operational cash flows, attendance scenarios, visitor capacity analysis, debt service calculations, and investment return rates. Inputs are based on market research, comparable operations, and industry standards.

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Economic & Fiscal Impact
VCE has extensive experience in preparing economic and fiscal impact studies, or economic contribution studies, for a variety of clients. Economic and fiscal impact studies measure the effect of a business, organization, industry, or event on the local, regional, or state economy.

These studies provide critical information for business firms, trade associations, governments, planners, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, service organizations, policymakers, and public interest groups. VCE’s studies provide specific analyses and conclusions with respect to several important factors:

  • The number of jobs created, both directly and indirectly
  • The amount of tax revenue generated
  • The overall economic impact

Our analyses can also allocate sales, visits, and other measures of performance to specific political jurisdictions, communities, or zip codes to document specific impacts in other ways. Clients include local and state governments, as well as companies ranging from small nonprofit organizations to large international corporations.

Economic Planning & Strategy
VCE provides economic and planning strategies for a diverse range of private and public sector clients. For public clients, VCE consultants excel in providing expertise in local/regional economic development planning and in comprehensive planning. Additionally, VCE brings to public sector clients the skill and executable directives for downtown revitalization and transit-oriented development programs.

A core competency of VCE lies in its ability to successfully counsel both public and private sector clients in matters of economic planning and strategy for tourism, parks and recreation, and entertainment uses.

For these assignments, VCE combines an understanding of private sector needs with expertise in the recognition and implementation of public policy objectives.

Developer Solicitation
When the time comes to identify the best private sector partner with which to develop a project, VCE utilizes several different processes that can identify potential partners. VCE can take the process further by advising on RFQs, RFPs, interviews, and other approaches to identify the best partner choices and also prepares development agreements.


Zoo & Aquarium Assignments

  • St Louis, MO, Saint Louis Zoo Conservatory and Safari Park, Market Study and Economic and Fiscal Impact Assessment
  • Brookfield Zoo, IL Master Plan Market Studies and Economic and Fiscal Impact Studies
  • Brookfield Zoo, IL, Market Repositioning, Visitor & Facility Development Strategies
  • Akron Zoo, OH Aquarium Feasibility & Economic and Fiscal Impact
  • Brevard Zoo, FL, Aquarium Market Study
  • Brevard Zoo, FL, Master Plan & Operations Analysis
  • Audubon Zoo, LA Insectarium Feasibility Study
  • San Antonio Zoo, TX Economic & Fiscal Impact

Water Park & Resort Assignments

  • Chicago, IL, Cook County/CBRE Waterpark/Community Recreation Complex, Market Potential Assessment
  • Round Rock, TX, Kalahari Resort, Market Assessment, Attendance Projections
  • Austin, TX, New Master Planned Resort Hotel and Town Development, Market & Feasibility Study
  • H2O, Outer Banks, NC, Market Study
  • Mexico City, Mexico, Three Indoor Waterparks, Market and Financial Feasibility Study
  • Kalahari Resort, WI, Master Plan & Market and Economic Impact Study
  • New York, NY Randal Island Indoor/Outdoor Waterpark Feasibility Study
  • Camelback Resort, PA, Feasibility Study

Aquatic Centers Assignments

  • Downers Grove, IL Park District Aquatic Facility Feasibility Study
  • Lawrence, NY, Aquatic Center Market Study
  • Bristol, TN, Bristol Aquatic Center Study and Master Plan
  • Hartsville, SC, Aquatic Center Market and Feasibility Study
  • Gardendale, AL, Aquatic and Conference Center Market & Feasibility Study
  • Forsyth, IL, Community Recreation Center with Aquatics, Market & Feasibility Study
  • San Marcos, TX, Aquatic Center, Market and Feasibility Study
  • McKinney, TX, Tahiti Breeze Aquatic Attraction & Event Center, Market Potential Study

Museum, Culture and Performing Arts Assignments

  • Oakland, CA, Jazz and Art Museum Market & Feasiblity Study
  • Hot Springs, AR, Performing Arts Center Market Study
  • Austin, TX, Music Museum Market & Feasibility Study
  • North Beach, MD, Performing Arts Center, Market & Feasibility Study
  • Dallas, TX, Innovation Museum, Market & Feasibility Study
  • Waukesha, WI, Les Paul Museum, Market & Feasibility Study
  • Vancouver (BC) Performing Arts Center, Market Study
  • Chicago, IL Blues Museum, Market Study

Retail Assignments

  • Chicago, IL, Reuse/Redevelopment of Block 37, Market Study
  • Arlington Heights, IL, International Plaza Shopping Center, Highest and Best Use Assessment, TIF District
  • Denver, CO, Dairy Block Downtown Retail Concept Analysis
  • Littleton, CO, Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center Repositioning, Market Study
  • West Windsor Township, NJ Retail Market Study for 650-Acre Site near Princeton University
  • Manitowoc, WI Mall Redevelopment Highest and Best Use Assessment
  • Lake Barrington, IL, Lake Barrington Commons, Highest and Best Use Assessment
  • Rochester, NY Mall Redevelopment Highest and Best Use Assessment

Residential & Mix-Use Assignments

  • Muskegon, MI, High-end Multifamily Condo Development, Market Study
  • Flower Mound, TX, 146-acre Lakeside Mixed-Use Development, Market Study
  • Flower Mound/Grapevine, Southgate Mixed-Use Development, Market Study
  • Corpus Christi/Mustang Island, TX, Mixed-Use Development Market Study
  • Harrison, NJ, TOD/Mixed-Use Development, Market Study
  • Sun Prairie, WI, Downtown Cannery Development Market Study
  • Commerce Township, MI, 330-Acre Mixed-Use Development, Market Study

Parks & Recreation Assignments

  • Hartford, TN, Mountain Bike Trail System, Market Study and Economic Development Potential
  • Cortlandville, NY, Gutchess Lumber Sports Park (Turf Fields), Market, Feasibility and Impact Study
  • Decatur, IL Master Plan for the Decatur Park District, Market Study & Strategy
  • Aurora, IL, Fox Valley Park District, Soccer Complex Feasibility Study
  • Normal, IL, Tournament Soccer Complex Feasibility Study
  • Peoria, IL, Baseball Complex, Market & Feasibility Study
  • Leander, TX, Extreme Sports Park, Market & Feasibility Study
  • Columbus, IN, Indoor Tournament Sports Complex, Market & Feasibility Study

Tourism, Entertainment & Attractions Assignments

  • Dallas, TX & Chicago, IL, KidZania, Market Study
  • Orlando, FL, New Aquarium Attraction, Market Study
  • South Padre Island, TX, Eco & Nature Tourism, Economic and Fiscal Impact Study
  • Will County, IL Open Space/Nature Preserves, Economic Benefits Study
  • Brevard County, FL, Tourism Development, Market & Feasibility Studies of Proposed Attractions for Grant Approval
  • Tupelo, MS, Tourism Development, Market Study & Strategies
  • Tacoma, WA, Tacoma Dome Arena & Expo Center, New Arena Construction, Market & Feasibility Study, Assessment to Attract Resident Professional Sports Team Franchise (NBA, NHL), Convention and Conference Center Market Study, Financial Feasibility
  • Roswell, NM, Convention Center, Market Study

Native American Assignments

  • Osage Nation in Pawhuska, OK, Highest and Best Use Study for Former First National Bank Building
  • Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma City, OK, Highest and Best Use Study for the Land surrounding the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum (AICCM) now the First Americans Museum (FAM).
  • Sandia Pueblo, Albuquerque, NM, Feasibility Studies for Sports Tournament Complexes support of the Casino
  • Mashantucket Pequot, CT, Foxwoods Casino, Feasibility Studies for Adult and Family-oriented, Indoor Waterpark and Spa Developments.
  • Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, New Buffalo, MI, Four-Winds Casino Market Studies for an Outlet Center, Resort, Travel Center, Adventure Sports Area and Indoor Waterpark.
  • Ho-Chunk Tribe Casinos in Baraboo, Black River Falls, WI, Aquatic Center, Spa, Travel Plaza, Market Potential Study
  • Mohican Tribe, WI, Statewide Analysis of Gaming for the State of Wisconsin and Calculated the Impacts of Changes in the Distribution of Casino Assets.

Economic & Fiscal Impact Assignments

  • South Padre Island. TX, Eco Tourism Developments
  • Leander, TX, Citi Group, X-Sports Park with Retail and Entertainment
  • San Angelo, TX Recreational Lakefront Development,
  • San Antonio, TX, Zoo Economic and Fiscal Impact Assessment
  • Kankakee, IL Riverfront Redevelopment
  • Columbus, IN Riverfront Redevelopment
  • Fort Wayne, IN Downtown Waterfront Development, Retail, Entertainment, Recreation, Residential
  • El Dorado, AR, Downtown Retail, Culture and Entertainment District

Downtown, Corridor, Neighborhood Plans, Community Revitalization Assignments

  • Carpentersville, IL, Comprehensive Plan, Market Study & Economic Development Strategies
  • Itasca, IL, Downtown Strategic Action Plan, Market Study and Strategies
  • Chicago, IL South Chicago Neighborhood Redevelopment, Market and Feasibility Study Non-housing Uses “Working Together to Reinvigorate South Chicago”
  • Racine County, WI, Targeted Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development Study
  • El Dorado, AR Theater Redevelopment, Downtown Entertainment District Market Study
  • Fort Wayne, IN, Downtown Riverfront Master Plan, Recreation, Entertainment & Real Estate Market Study Plan
  • Columbus, IN, Downtown Riverfront Redevelopment Plan, Market &, Economic Impact Study
  • Kankakee, IL, Downtown Riverfront Redevelopment Plan, Market &, Economic Impact Study